Meet the Maker: Mo Couper

Mo Couper (also known as Mo Bach) makes beautiful pieces of jewellery.


They are delicate hand-embroidered pictures, worked on felt made by Sue Terrey, who was with us at the Fibre and Fabric Fair last year.

Mo went to Southend School of Art, had a job in London as a window dresser, and then worked out what she really wanted to do. She trained as a teacher and taught arts and craft, both in schools and for private pupils. She had known and loved Snowdonia for years, and finally gave in, moving here permanently in 2012: ‘It was like coming home’.

Now, she says, her passion is needlecraft…

Mo Bach working

‘I have always enjoyed working in fine detail and with textiles, so it felt natural to combine the two’, Mo explains. ‘I find it inspirational and stimulating to work with Sue Terrey’s colours and fibres. I spend much time studying this felt before I decide what to embroider – I let the felt suggest patterns and images to me. I then chose my thread colours carefully, based on the natural world, my knowledge of colour theory and the actual felt.’

Mo Bach

‘No two embroideries are the same, as I prefer to create individual pieces. I use basic embroidery stitches, such as French knots, stab stitch and chain stitch, as the work is so small and detailed. I sometimes include tiny beads and applique little pieces of material onto the felt. Recently, I have started experimenting with joining two different pieces of felt together to create distinct colour areas.’

Mo's pendants

Most of Sue’s pieces are then mounted into pendants, but she also frames some. They are exquisite: delicate and unique visions of the landscape that inspires her so much.

Mo’s work can also be seen at Celf Aran in Dolgellau. To see more, and to see her in action, come to the Fibre and Fabric Fair in Harlech, Saturday and Sunday, 23 and 24 July, in the Memorial Hall (opposite the side of the Castle), 10.30 to 4.30.

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