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As you’ll know if you’ve read the ‘about us’ page, the craft fairs in Harlech are run by volunteers among the craftspeople. Most of us have other jobs – given that it’s almost impossible to make a living as a craftsperson / designer-maker – whether that’s teaching what we do or doing something completely different – and as a result we are very busy. So please bear with us if you contact us and don’t hear back for a short while; we will do our very best to reply as soon as possible.

For the moment, the best way of contacting us is through our Facebook page, here. We will be adding a gmail address soon, but the FB page is checked every day.

If you are interested in having a stall at either the Christmas Fair or the Fibre and Fabric Fair in the summer, then please contact us.

We have waiting lists because a) demand is very high, and b) we try to balance the crafts so, for instance, the Fair isn’t dominated by painters or jewellers or quilters or whatever. That way it’s much more interesting, and a better experience for both craftspeople (you don’t want to be in a Fair with lots of other people doing the same as you) and visitors (who don’t want to see 85 variations on the same thing). We also ask that all the craftspeople at either event make what they have on their stalls themselves, and do not sell bought-in items at all. (And it may seem obvious, but following several conversations, here goes: the Fibre and Fabric Fair is just for fabric and fibre…)

We also have a presence on Twitter, here, @gwyneddhandmade.

And because pages without photographs can be a bit boring, here’s some of Mary Post’s weaving:


and if you’d like to contact any of the individual craftspeople whose work we feature or whose work you’ve seen at the Craft Fair, please contact us. We’re happy to pass messages on.