Nearly there!

It’s less than a month to the Fibre and Fabric Fair – Saturday and Sunday, 23 and 24 July, in the Memorial Hall.


So what will be there?

Well, this year we have:
knitting and spinning
free machine embroidery
two types of weaving, Saori weaving and a more traditional approach
felting on a smaller scale, with embroidery
fabric-bag making
rag rugs
and one which is completely unclassifiable but totally wonderful!

The whole point of the F&F is to have a go – all the stallholders come knowing that one of the major reasons for being there is to show people what they do. For anyone who knows the wonderful Harlech Christmas Fair, the stallholders at the F&F have much more space (that’s why there are fewer of them) so they have room to demonstrate and allow visitors to have a crack at whatever is going on.

Last year we had fun with everyone – adults and children alike – having a try at the things that were being demonstrated, asking questions, chatting to the makers, and generally enjoying themselves.

In the time before the Fair, we’ll be having a closer look at people’s work and at what inspires them…


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