Fibre and Fabric for 2016!

It’s been a while since Christmas, and we’re almost recovered from a really successful Fair… and now it’s the run-up to the Fibre and Fabric Fair.

Karen's work

And maybe the weather will decide it’s heading towards summer, too. Fingers crossed. Gobeithio.

Anyway, SATURDAY 23 JULY and SUNDAY 24 JULY see the Fibre and Fabric fair return to the Memorial Hall. It’s very hands-on, so there’s plenty to have a go at, whatever your age and experience. If you’ve always wanted to weave, there’s a chance to have a go:

Saori weaving

There’ll be free-machine embroidery,

trying machine embroidery

There was some amazing work last year which involved embroidering over some screen-printing, also done at the Fair (though the printing was also lovely without any added embroidery)…

screen printing

There’s knitting and spinning, and working with hand-dyed wools,

natural dyes

and of course there’s a chance to have a chat as well as having a go!

chatty spin

So, who will be there?


The stalls are much bigger than at the Christmas Fair, because one of our main aims (as well as promoting local craftspeople and designer-makers) is to give people a chance to have a try at something they might not have done before, so there’s plenty of space for demonstrating everything. We have, to date:

  • Karen doing machine embroidery,
  • Annie with handspun yarn, spinning (and probably fibre blending too),
  • Mary, with a classic approach to weaving,
  • Rosie, who follows the Saori weaving path;
  • Mo, with delicate felting and embroidery, and an emphasis on jewellery and smaller pieces,
  • Nicole, who felts on a larger (but still accessible) scale;
  • Gail, with wonderful crochet (especially the snuggly slippers)
  • Nerys, with great screen printing,
  • RosieMakes, whose upholstery work is so distinctive (you might have seen the coffee-sack pieces around),
  • Kate, knitting away like a madwoman, and
  • Maid in Rags, who make rag rugs and cushions, etc (using both the proddy technique and knotting).

Mark the dates in your diaries now: SATURDAY 23 JULY and SUNDAY 24 JULY!


  1. Eliz Stevenson

    I would like to be notified of Fabtic Cradt Fair in Hatlech


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