Meet the Maker: Spiritstar

Welcome to Spiritstar. Gail and Ianto make gorgeous crochet slippers, as well as other crochet items, and are now working with leather too (a logical extension of the slippers, really, which have suede soles).

And it all started as an anti-smoking aid.


Ianto wanted to give up smoking, and somebody very wise suggested that he find something else to do with his hands, and mentioned knitting and crochet. It worked – to the extent that the smoking stopped almost overnight.

Based in Dinas Mawddwy, Spiritstar use a caravan as a temporary workshop. This is filling up with a collection of crochet hooks, bobbins, wool, suede, knitting needles – a general collection of slipper- and wool-related bits and pieces.


It’s a real family business: the older generation has been roped in to help, punching out the holes in the suede soles and helping with the leatherwork – apparently it’s a good answer to boredom in retirement!


The slippers can be tailor made to size; they have shearling sheepskin insoles and those lovely soft suede soles. The colours are just gorgeous, and the baby slippers are particularly cute…


Spiritstar will also be taking part in Helfa Gelf this year, if you are around in September and want to see more. Together with Mo Couper and Sue Terrey (who was with us at the Fibre and Fabric Fair last year), they will be taking over the weaver’s cottage at Meirion Mill in Dinas Mawddwy for every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in September, from 11 to 4.45. Should be well worth a visit.

The Fibre and Fabric Fair is on Saturday and Sunday 23 and 24 July, in the Memorial Hall, Harlech, from 10.30 to 4.30 both days. It’s completely free to come in and have a go at all sorts of crafts, and there are teas and (luscious) cakes available, being sold to help raise money for the Christmas lights in Harlech.

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