Lots of crafts, lots of talented makers – ‘buy local!’

There’s been quite a campaign this year (though not quite on the scale of ‘Hugh’s War on Waste’) to encourage people to buy everything for Christmas as locally as possible: ‘buy local!’. We know that many people who visit us at the Harlech Craft Fair do just that, and we are so grateful.

Here are some more reasons why it’s a great idea, from the artists and craftspeople whose studios have not yet featured on this website (though they will in the future, no doubt).

How about Jane’s pots, to start us off?

Many people will recognise her work from The Great Pottery Throw Down, currently showing on BBC2.

Then there are David Naylor’s photographs:

Copyright David Naylor

and beautiful cosmetics and soaps from Joscelyne:


Hand-dyed yarns and fibres come from Mam A Mi:


There’s pewter work from Keith:


felting from Nicole:


and, of course, Heather’s beautiful work:


and many more!

And don’t forget that the Fair is open between 10 and 4 on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 November, and it’s in the Memorial Hall in Harlech (opposite the side of the Castle, and you can’t miss that. It’s the big stone thing with the flags and the new visitor centre – and the smallish but really rather convenient car park).


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