Sparkly things for a gloomy day

Just received an invitation to visit a studio, and what a studio, and so had to break the ‘last visit before the fair’ vow. Well worth it!

It was a horrible day, and it was such a pleasure to be in a space full of colours and reflecting light and sparkles: the Harlech jewellery studio of Allan Wynne Jones.


Inside, there are a wealth of finished pieces


and works in progress,


all demonstrating Allan’s fascination with stones and beads and metal wire (Allan makes all the links himself).


This is a headpiece showcasing Allan’s skill. The links will eventually extend down the sides of the head; it’s amazingly flexible, and already quite heavy.

Here’s a gallery; just click on an image for a slideshow. Much more can be seen at the Craft Fair, which is next weekend (eek!), 28 and 29 November, 10-4, in the Memorial Hall, Harlech.

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