Gorgeous glass

The last of the studio visits before the Craft Fair itself – now only two weeks away – is to possibly the tidiest studio ever. As Annette Evans of Harlech Stained Glass said, ‘when you’re working with glass you have to be neat’.

Glass 1

But it’s not just neat, it’s lovely. It has a warm atmosphere which is not just down to the rather unseasonable weather, but to the colours everywhere. There’s the wood of the studio itself, of course, but there’s also the glass.

colours of glass

There is colour everywhere, and a very real sense of pattern and balance, all of which is present in Annette’s work.

glass 2

Here’s a look around – as always, click on a picture for a slideshow. Well, depending on what you are using to view this post, that is.

And we look forward to seeing everyone at the Craft Fair, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 November, in the Memorial Hall, Harlech, from 10 a.m to 4 p.m on both days!


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