Fibre and Fabric, 2015

The last weekend in July was the first of what we hope will be a regular event: the Harlech Fibre and Fabric Fair (it’s certainly booked for next year… watch this space).


The idea was for craftspeople who specialise in working in textiles to demonstrate what they do as well as giving visitors a chance to buy. But not just that – we wanted to encourage everyone to have a go.

And they did, whether it was learning about how to wind wool from a skein, and the sorts of colours you can get when dyeing wool with natural dyes

wool winding

or being more hands-on, and trying out things like spindle spinning, free machine embroidery


and Saori weaving:


It was an enormous amount of fun – for everyone: people who came deliberately, visitors who stumbled on it accidentally, stallholders, the people who kindly did the teas and who couldn’t resist having a go…


Dates for 2016 to be finally confirmed, but keep the last weekend in July free!

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