‘I’m in the studio’

It’s always interesting to go behind the scenes, and doubly so when there such a diverse range of things to see as there are in the studios belonging to the various artists and craftspeople who are part of the Harlech Craft Fair.

studio sign

But what is a studio, really?

Everyone knows what an artist’s studio looks like. Something like this:

Carl Larsson studio

The studio belonging to the wonderful nineteenth-century Swedish artist Carl Larsson.

Perhaps there are some studios out there which are exactly like that, neat and tidy and not covered in paint and rags and paper and… and…

But there are more which have mess everywhere, heaps of half-finished work, coffee cups that don’t bear close inspection and old brushes which have seen better times. And it’s even more varied when you add craft studios into the picture. Wood shavings, blobs of clay, fleeces, piles of fabric which will be perfect for the project after the project after next.

In the next few weeks some of the artists and craftspeople who are part of the Harlech Craft Fair and its offshoots will be sharing their studio space here. And ‘studio’ can also mean shed, work shop, work room, old garage, basement, spare bedroom (who needs them?) as well as the perfectly designed studio in the garden.

And they’re not all like Carl Larsson’s strangely tidy etching workshop either:

Carl Larsson

Quite frankly, I’m not sure Carl Larsson’s workshop was ever like this. Except for the dog…

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