Weaving the seashore

Kathryn Parry’s work is almost impossible to categorise – she mixes weaving, crochet and stitching to create something completely unique.

She’s inspired by the landscape, and particularly by the sea and the shore – in Anglesey, specifically, at the moment, though she has worked on Fair Isle – and by all the things you can find on the strandline.

Her work really makes you look twice, and not just at her intricate and beautiful pieces, but also at whatever the sea has washed up… colour and texture, as well as form.

And because everyone likes a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how someone works, do check out the page on her website devoted to her studio. Beautiful.

Kathryn’s website is www.kathrynparry.co.uk, and she can also be found on Facebook (Kathryn Parry Fine Art) and Instagram (kathrynparryfineart).

And at the Harlech Fibre and Fabric Fair the weekend after next!

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