Nearly there…

There are two more weekends left before the 26th and 27th, and the Christmas Craft Fair in Harlech.


That means that some of the craftspeople will be busy spreading things out, working out where the gaps are, planning their stalls, indulging in a mild panic – or not. Some will undoubtedly be organised, primed, ready to go. They’ll have their display materials sorted out, be clear on their price points, have everything finished. Hm.


It’s now become clear exactly who will be at the Fair this year (unless there are any last-minute cancellations. Most craftspeople have been booked in for months, but it’s in these last few weeks that there are inevitably cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances – illness, calls from family, sudden lottery wins (OK, not the latter – yet) – and we go to the waiting list. So who can you expect to see this year?

Well, it’s a mixture of old favourites, recent discoveries and completely-new-to-the-Harlech-Fair people. You can expect to find soaps, creams and balms (Joscelyn), lovely items for the home, often in beautiful oilcloth (Ruby Gingham); magnificent felting (Nicole Le Maire); cosy crochet slippers, and the rest (Spirit Star),


sharing a stall with Katherine Keatley and her embroidery; hand-dyed wool projects and Saori weaving (Mam a Mi); silky and smooth woodturning (Nigel),


and a huge selection of driftwood objects from the Busbys; two very different potters (Harlech Pottery and Cors Y Gedol Pottery) and two very different jewellers (Allan Wynne Jones and Monica). There’ll be a wide range of crafts including patchwork from Sue; delicately embroidered felt pieces (Mo Couper);


knitting and knitting kits, as well as the perennially popular catnip cat toys (Criafol); stunning prints (Nerys), magnificent glass work (Harlech Stained Glass); sensational free-machine embroidery (Karen Hall) and wonderful weaving from Mary Post.



The fair is on Saturday and Sunday, 26 and 27 November, in the Memorial Hall, Harlech. We’re open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m on both days – and look forward to seeing you there!


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