A summer of craft

The dust is just about settling, and it has been amazing how much activity there has been on the craft front in such a small place as Harlech.

It started with the Fibre and Fabric Fair towards the end of July. This weekend gave visitors – and some of the other makers – a chance to have a go at all sorts of things from printing on fabric

nerys printing

to making fabric-covered buttons with a scary piece of kit,

button press

from messing about with fibre and water while doing some felting,


to being more precise (and a lot less wet) while trying free-machine embroidery.

free machine embroidery

People could have a go at all these things as well as weaving (two different types, traditional and Saori), spinning, embroidery, crochet, rag rugs…

But it wasn’t just about the Fibre and Fabric Fair. The Harlech Pottery ran some evening classes which were quickly fully subscribed, as well as being open during the day (of course),

Harlech pottery

and there was a pop-up shop over the whole summer in the Old Library which featured jewellery, oilcloth and fabric items, woven scarves, knitting, stained glass and driftwood work…

Here’s a gallery which can give something of the flavour of the makers and craftspeople working in and around Harlech. Not bad!

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