Driftwood inspiration

One of the perennially popular makers at the Craft Fairs is Brian with his objects made from driftwood and reclaimed timber. In fact it’s often wise to make sure you visit his stall on the Saturday, as the one-off pieces sell very quickly indeed – and they really are one-offs.

All of this wood does, of course, need to be stored as well as worked on, and so Brian doesn’t so much have a single workshop as an assortment of them…

This is the main one:

Brian's workshop

and then there’s the big store:


and another with finished pieces in it:

finished work

Other work can be found in the garage and, naturally, the house, and Brian’s love of wood and natural forms extends into the garden too.

Here are some more examples; just click on an image for a slideshow. And don’t forget to get to the Fair early if you see anything you particularly like (er, except the dog; she couldn’t be left out but is definitely not part of the Craft Fair)!




  1. Brian’s work is beautiful, and I’ve got my eye on something…


  2. Llupsa

    Well, amazing (after all he is my brother!) Joking apart, he’s inventive, creative and very hardworking with super results. Always worth browsing through his collection of unique items not found anywhere else.


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